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Parents tend to thrive when they have complete, caring, and continuous support regarding both the type and setting of birth experience they prefer.

You may choose a medicated, un-medicated, hospital, or home birth; I will support you in all of your choices. I will do my best to help you reach your goals you have for your birth experience, and I intend to help you achieve the best possible outcome with compassion, emotional and physical support, education, and honesty.

With me as your personal birth doula, you can have the peace of mind that you have someone to turn to for information, clarification, and support as you find your way through the journeys of pregnancy, labor & birth, and caring for your newborn.

When a woman is informed and educated, and makes decisions based on evidence- based care, instead of pressure and fear, she is empowered throughout her birth experience and comfortable knowing she has made the best decisions given her own personal circumstances.

Birth is a beautiful, natural, and normal journey; mothers and their birthing experiences must be valued and respected. It is a mother’s right to be able to make decisions about her own pregnancy and delivery; she must give birth wherever she thinks she will be the most safe and comfortable and with whomever she wants surrounding her.

My role as your birth doula is to help you be as informed, supported, comfortable, and empowered as possible during your pregnancy, labor & postpartum period, while recognizing that the ideal birth experience is unique for every woman.

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