Testimonial: Krista Frederico

As a first-time mom, I was nervous about labor, if I would be able to keep to my birth plan, and if I would have enough support to see me through my labor and postpartum period, given that all my family lives out of state. However, all of these concerns were assuaged the first time I met Åsa.

I can’t say enough about what a wonderful and caring advocate and friend Åsa is to her clients. She was always anticipating my needs, texting and calling me regularly in my last weeks of pregnancy to ensure I was doing well. When I was still pregnant past my due date, she called to check on my physical and emotional well-being and just let me vent. It was so therapeutic!

At the hospital, she was my constant advocate with the nurses, midwife, and other staff, helping me to labor in the tub even though I was on continuous monitoring and brainstorming non-epidural solutions to my pain when the staff was concerned with my lack of progress. She struck the perfect balance of helping me to stick to my birth plan, while reassuring me that she fully supported me, no matter what I decided I needed during the labor process.

She had endless tricks up her sleeve to help my labor progress–for 36 hours of regular contractions! She is the reason I was able to maintain my birth plan. I would have been exasperated, exhausted, and needed interventions I did not prefer were it not for her wealth of knowledge and constant care. It was so empowering to deliver my baby in such a caring and deliberate environment.

After my sweet son was born, she helped me with nursing, checked on me regularly (through calls, texts, and a home visit), and was a wonderful resource on newborn health and breastfeeding. She truly went above and beyond for us. I was so worried at the onset, but looking back, I can’t imagine a smoother transition for us to becoming a family and I know that it is thanks in large part to Åsa.

Krista Frederico
Posted 7/29/2014

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